1 Year Edxecutive Master’s Degree for Bankers

Aims and Objectives

The aims of this programme are:

  • To empower professional bankers with knowledge and skills to meet current and emerging challenges with the fast changing business environment in the industry.
  • To develop knowledge of management of business as might be useful to performing the role of a banker
  • To provide a balanced exposure to the theory, case studies and practical skills that will enhance both personal and professional development of the participants.

The specific objectives of this programme are to develop abilities in participants:

  • to understand and evaluate broad trends in banking and financial services industry and assess the impact of such trends on their business;
  • to evaluate and apply management tools and techniques in the context of banking and financial services industry;
  • to integrate diverse body of knowledge into applications in their job through a comprehensive research project

Programme Structure

  • The programme combines class work and a research project in a curriculum that will be delivered over a period 12 months.
  • The delivery will be in 3 modules. Each module will be approximately of ten weeks’ duration.
  • Participants’ learning in each course will be tested by a combination of exams and assignments. The research project will be evaluated by a committee comprising of a faculty advisor and at least two committee members.
  • Successful completion would require participants to obtain grades in line with AIT’s policies and procedures.

Credit Structure and Module-wise Courses

Credit Structure
9 Courses 27
1  Research Project 6
Module-wise Courses*
Module 1  
Economics of Banker  
Financial Statement and Analysis  
Financial Regulation & Supervision  
Module 2  
Financial Management  
International Finance  
Strategic Management and Leadership  
Module 3  
Growth and Development  
Risk Management  
Research Project  
Defense of Final Research Project  

Each credit is of 15 class hours duration.

Entry Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the programme, a candidate should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, in a relevant discipline
  • Relevant work experience of at least 5 years in banking and finance at an officer level
  • Proficiency in English – IELTS scores of 6.0 (or higher) or pass AIT English Entry Test.

Candidates will be required to take an admission test and appear for an interview.  Preparatory programme may be recommended for potential candidates based on the performance in admission test.

Enquiries and Applications

Application forms can be downloaded from www.bankingandfinance.ait.ac.th/admission
For enquiries, please contact:
AIT Extension
Asian Institute of Technology
Phone: +66 2 524 6502, 2 524 6501
Fax: +66 2 524 6332
Mobile: +66 81 4413639
Email: bankf_admission@ait.ac.th


  • The Professional Master's Degree in Banking and Finance will be granted by the Asian Institute of Technology